20mm M39 Cannon (FMC T160)
Nation United States of America
Classification {{{Classification}}}
Caliber 20mm
Rate of Fire 1200-1400rpm rounds/min
Muzzle Velocity 1,200fps m/s
One Second Burst Mass 2.5 kgs kg
Reload Speed {{{Reload}}} sec

The M39, initially designated FMC T-160 was developed by the Springfield Armory, based on the World War II–era design of the German Mauser MG 213, a 20 mm (and 30 mm) cannon developed for the Luftwaffe, which did not see combat use. The same design inspired the 30mm British ADEN cannon and the French DEFA.  

Ammunition AvailableEdit

  • Link to the belt type.  Describe each belt here.

Found onEdit

  • Linked list of aircraft featuring the weapon system (note whether offensive or defensive armament)

Operational HistoryEdit

Used as early as 1953 in combat during the Korean War, several F-86 were equipped with the cannon for evaluation, later accepted as standard armament of subsequent aircraft. Even today it is still used on F-5 Tiger II's.

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